Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday = Wal-Mart

And the reason I have come to dread this day of the week... I'm not sure if it's a southern thing (I don't remember it being this way in Alaska), but in our town Wal-Mart is a place where many people just stand around and socialize completely ignoring those who are actually trying to pick up their stuff and get out of there! Here are some snipets of conversations I picked up while being stuck behind the shopping cart...

Coffee and condiments aisle: "I've got to remember that I won't be here in a couple of weeks because school gets out for Christmas break." I wait patiently for this conversation to finish so I can pick up some ketchup.

Pasta Aisle: "So-and so is going to be graduating from high school this spring. Can you believe how time flies?" I say excuse me as I try to reach for a can of pasta sauce. But no one pays any attention to me.

Cereal Aisle: "Oh! Have you heard that so-and-so had her baby last week? Yeah. She was in labor for..." I knew it was hopeless, so I just turned the cart around and decided to come back in the other direction.

Oh there was more. Many, many more! But I think you get the point. And then the line at the cash register! I think I spent more time in line than I did picking up my groceries! I just don't understand why they have 20+ cash registers and only like 3 of them are open... A lollipop can only occupy a grumpy two year old for so long! But we made it. Seven more days until we do it all again!


Joanna said...

LOL. That doesn't happen here in PA. Instead, all the men stop dead in the aisle and call their wives/girlfriends/mothers and ask them for directions to an item, or what size to get. So, I'm blocked by people that are talking, but not to anyone in the store. Yesterday, I finally just hollered over to a guy and told him where the minced garlic was. He was about 14 aisles away.

Mel said...

Yes, def. the Southern culture! And the aisles at WM are just not big enough for this type of socialization!