Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: A Year in Review

So, I've seen a lot of blogs that have been doing a Picture Review of 2008 and I thought it was super cute. Thanks for the brilliant idea! Of course I decided to do one of my own:

January 2008

Oh my Goodness!! He was still a Baby then!!

Maybe short hair isn't so bad after all... I think he's a cutie either way !

February 2008

He wasn't much into art at that time!

March 2008

A busy, busy month at work and school...

Me in My Lab

April 2008

The First Time Grandpa (My dad) Babysat for Aiden!

May 2008

Matt's Graduation Celebration. Yeah, I realize he's not in the picture! LOL

I completed the first year of my Masters program and got my lab coat. Yeah... I'm a Nerd!!!

A Trip to the Beach

Aiden's Birthday

June 2008

Father's Day

Meeting Thomas the Train!

Another Trip to the Beach

July 2008

My 25th birthday. The hardest one yet!

My uncle thought it would be a normal thing to tell my dad, "Melissa looks really good for 25." I guess I'm ancient now!!!

August 2008

Aiden's First Big Wheel!

My Cutie!!!

September 2008

Aiden's First Day of Preschool!

October 2008

My first trip to Washington DC (my soon to be new home!)

Aiden loved Trick-or-Treating!

My Little Pirate

November 2008

A Trip to Dollywood

December 2008

We had a Wonderful 2008! And here's to an Even Better 2009!

(I'm sorry about all the extra spaces, but I kept deleting pictures while trying to fix it and having to upload them again. So, I guess this is it until 2009!)

Happy New Year!!!!


Heatherlyn Colt said...

What a year you had. It's amazing how much kids grow up, how quickly. And someday, when you are . . . say 32 . . . you will look back on your 25th and realize how young you are and how much life is in your future. Also, you look way too good in your lab coat to fall into the nerd category, no matter how much you like science!

Anonymous said...

Ok, could your family be any more precious? I think not.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this last pic!!!!!

Wow, his hair grew a ton in one year!

Happy New Year!

QM said...

Whoa. You're a lucky person(: What a wonderful family you have.

Your son is simply adorable!

Happy New Year!!! ((;

Meaghan said...

oh my! i haven't checked the blog b/c we've been out of town, and i just saw the award!!!!! hehehe! i'm so flattered! you can be jealous of my pics, but i'll be jealous of your brain! i love your year in recap! i think i may do that too!

oh, and the secret to great pics? invest in a good camera, and a mac ;-)


Barely Domestic Mama said...

Loved the photos! Your little guy's hair grows so fast. I have a little boy with long hair too and I am constantly pressured by everyone to cut his hair. And it doesn't help my arguement when people tell my hubby that he has a beautiful daughter. :)

Happy New Year!

I wandered over to your blog from SITS.