Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ahh.. The Joys of Moon Sand!

Friday~ Christmas Countdown Day 19: Moon Sand (Not the activity I had planned but Aiden didn't take a nap yesterday and fell asleep at 6:00)

My mom was always a neat freak when I was little. Things like glue, glitter, and fingerpaint made her shudder. I still got to play with those things but not without a lot of whining! So, I have always embraced all things messy for Aiden. Well... that was before we met Moon Sand. The stuff itself is actually pretty awesome. It's kinda like sand but the grains aren't as tiny and it can be molded into shapes (which can then be picked up) without water. I guess Aiden is still too young for it. He's played with it twice now and about half of it is gone. The stuff is just drawn to the carpet! So, I will continue letting him play with it but once it's gone, it's gone (until I forget how much I dislike it and buy it for his stocking next Christmas!).


Queenie Jeannie said...

It looks really cool!!!

But not for The Bella, ok? I'm one of those control freak, neat freak sorta Moms, lol!

Kati Sue* said...

I HATE moonsand. Yes, it loves carpet and is a pain to vaccum up. At least with the playdough it gets hard and you can sweep ity right up!

Alexis said...

I've been looking at buying that also, but I think my boys would also get it in the carpet. My hubby is the clean freak, me growing up with a mom like yours is not. But to keep the peace in the house, I think I'll skip it. The playdough is still a sore subject at our house ;).

Thanks for checking out my blog! Have a wonderful Holiday.

georgie said...

my lilest bean LOVES moonsand
Aiden is 100% certifiable ADORABLE!