Monday, December 29, 2008

Boys with Long Hair

I have to start out by saying, I have always liked boys with long hair. All my boyfriends in high school had long (not super girly past the shoulders long) hair. Matt had long hair when we started dating as well. Until he went into the Air Force actually. I think long hair on guys can be really cute. And I think it's cute when little boys have long hair too. I LOVE Aiden's hair long. Yes, sometimes he gets mistaken for a girl and I've gotten much unwanted advice from strangers telling me that he needs a hair cut, but I don't care, I think he looks cute.

Aiden loves his long hair. If you tell him that it's time to get a hair cut, he starts crying. A wailing panicky cry and he holds on to his hair and shrieks, "I want to keep it long!" Well, at my in-laws Christmas party someone said something to Aiden about his hair and he said that he wanted to "keep it long like Mommy's." Ever since then Matt has been pestering me about getting Aiden's hair cut. He thinks that Aiden might start thinking that he's a girl. UGH! I completely disagree!

So here are some pictures. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks it's OK for boys to have long hair!

My Long Haired Boy!

Gavin & Gwen's son Kingston:

Kate Hudson's son Ryder:
Elle McPherson's son Aurelius:

Cindy Crawford's son Presley:

Celine Dion's son Rene:
So, to be completely honest, I don't really care for hair this long.

I really love Aiden's hair and don't want to get it cut! Trimmed? Sure, but not short! That being said, if Aiden told me tomorrow that he wanted to get his hair cut, I would be OK with it. I would have to hide my tears, but it would be OK.


Jen Sue Wild said...

Awwe I think Your little sweet boy looks so cute with long hair..

Kati Sue* said...

I like his long hair... I was a little taken back when I first started reading your blog... but I couldnt imagine him if her got it cut!

Travel Writer said...

Small boys with long hair looks so cute! When i have a son i'll also keep his hair long. Even me i have long hair but i guess my parents are not cool, cause everytime i visit them they suggest me to cut my hair..

QM said...

awww, your son is so adorable. Well, only some boys suite with long hair and your son is definitely one of them!

Yaya said...

No! Let's start the 'Save Aidans' Hair' campaign! Don't ever cut it! I LOVE it!

I was just talking with my boss today about how when I have a son I want his hair long, it's so cute!

Grand Pooba said...

He does look really cute with his hair long! Plus I think all Daddy's are worried about their boys being too girly.

I promise he knows he's a boy, just because his hair is long doesn't mean he is confused :)

But I agree, Ms. Deon's boy's hair is way to long!

As long as you dress him like a boy I think you are fine! I could tell he is definately a boy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) check out this emo boy one on this blog: