Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Program

Thursday: Day 18 of our Christmas Countdown: A Preschool Christmas

Yesterday was Aiden's Preschool Christmas Party and Aiden's class was supposed to sing Christmas carols for all of the parents. I really wanted to get Aiden on film singing in his first program, but he would not cooperate! He was supposed to be standing in the back row, but he decided to sit down the entire time! The teachers tried to get him to stand, but he refused. He was so shy! I still would have posted the video of his class (who doesn't like to watch preschoolers sing? So cute!) but Matt insisted on filming it (because he's taller) and the whole thing looks like he was filming the audience! That is the LAST time he gets to video!
This is the present that I picked out for his two teachers and the director:

A calendar that my dad made with some of his photographs, some moisturizing soap, some aromatherapy "energy" lotion, a bath fizzy, and one of the gingerbread ornaments that Aiden made.

This is the present I got for the children in Aiden's class. There are only 7 so it wasn't that bad.

The parents are going to hate me because of the Moon Sand. I let Aiden play with his today and have to admit that that may have been a mistake!

I had already planned on getting Aiden's teachers a present. I always thought it was just expected, but I feel like they kinda hinted that they wanted a present from us. On Tuesday, the teachers handed out the presents that they had bought for the children. Why would they not have given it to them on the last day of school at their Christmas party unless they wanted us to see that they bought something for us and we should do the same?! It doesn't really bother me. I just thought it was kinda odd!

This is what Aiden got:

And these are the things they made for us!

I LOVE the crafts that they made and I was so excited to show them to Matt! All he said was, "Oh, great." That was slightly disappointing... But maybe they're a Mommy thing? I just wish he could get excited about something once in a while!


Anonymous said...

Wow! He got a lot!
When I was a teacher I totally spoiled my students (but they were inner city kids who didn't even have hats and mittens, so what was I gonna do?)

I love the gifts you did!

Vic said...

So very cute! He got quite a bit of stuff. :) I love the holidays

San said...

Hiya from SITS :) What is Moon Sand anyhow? LOL... but I can imagine how messy it could end up (knowing kids!)

Tiffany said...

I'm your neighbor on SITS today. My 10 year old son keeps singing the moon sand commercial with his own lyrics "moon sand, moon sand, the sand that you can moon" - yes, he is a character! that stuff is messy too!