Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookies for Santa

Saturday~ Christmas Countdown Day 20: Christmas Cookies

Last night, we finally got around to making our sugar cookies. You know, the difficult ones from the kit~ the ones where you actually have to melt butter and add an egg! Of course, I have to make every task a little more difficult than it should be! Once the dough was made, I rolled it out on the counter. I let Aiden make a cookie and realized that it was stuck! I thought, Oh no! We're only going to be able to make circle cookies. I thought the dough was a little sticky so I went back and read the directions. Hmmm... spread a little flour on surface before rolling out dough. Well yeah, that works!


After adding flour... So that's how it works!

I've been complaining to Matt about not having many pictures of Aiden and me. Last night he took some pictures but didn't tell me when to smile. Pretty! At least he's trying!

Check out the sprinkles on this one! Aiden dumped half the bottle on this one cookie. Oops!

Our finished cookies! Kinda messy, but very yummy! Aiden did a great job!

Aiden was so proud of his cookies! As soon as they were finished, he had to take one to Daddy. Today, we took the plate to my grandparent's house, (I can't have cookies sitting around the house ~I will eat them all) but Aiden told them not to eat them because he wanted to take them back home. So, they shared one cookie and the rest are back in our kitchen. Yay!


georgie said...

how sweet is that! You have a beautiful family!

Kati Sue* said...

How awesome! He did a great job!!!

We will be doing our cookies this week! And we will do our gingerbread train on Christmas Eve!

Meaghan said...

once again...i LOVE his hair!

Mel said...

Great job Aiden! Analese and I are going to TRY snowman cookies, maybe tomorrow.

Yaya said...

Mmmmmm....those seriously look so good and remind me of being a kid!!!
You are beautiful! That's what you look like when you're baking?! Goodness!!!! Hot Mama!!

Kristen said...

They look great and I'm sure "Santa" will enjoy them
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays