Monday, December 8, 2008

Decorating a Gingerbread House is Hard Work!

Day 7 of our Christmas Countdown (Late again): Last night, we made a Gingerbread House!

All Excited about our new Activity

Our finished Project (Please don't laugh!)

I had no idea that decorating was so difficult! I have a new found respect for all those cake decorators out there.

And this is how our Gingerbread house looked this morning...

Yes, I knew that Aiden was eating the candy off the house, but he was being so good! So I let him have a little fun. Has anyone ever eaten part of a gingerbread house? Yuck! I'm definitely not a fan.


Anonymous said...

Those things are SO HARD to get them to stand up!!!!!!!!!!

workout mommy said...

We did this today! But yours looks like a masterpiece compared to mine! My little ones kept eating all the candy and I kept making a mess with all that icing.

Oh well, they think it looks fantastic! :)