Friday, December 12, 2008

How old am I again?!

Day 12 of our Christmas Countdown:

My sister, Aiden, and I got to open a Christmas present from my dad last night. Aiden got a book and although he loves books, he wasn't very impressed. I really hope that's not how he is with all of his presents! But I was so excited when I opened mine! It was a little Chia Christmas tree! My dad wanted me to open it early so it would have time to grow before Christmas. I have always, ALWAYS wanted a Chia pet. From the first time I saw the little lamb growing its fur(?). I begged my mom for one every time I saw the commercial. I would even sing the annoying "Ch-Ch-Chia!" But I never got one... until now!!! LOL I'm such a dork! I can not wait until it starts to grow!

So this evening Aiden and I started the growing process...

Submerge the base

Mix the seeds with water

Spread the seeds on the base

And watch it grow!

The directions say that it will grow quicker if you cover it with a plastic bag. So our Chia tree is now sitting on the counter under a Target bag. How pretty!


Jenny/Moravia said...

I think a tree chia would be very cool. Sometimes it's fin to be a kid again.

Tiffany said...

Good luck with you chia tree. Looks like you had fun "planting" it.

Mommy_of_2 said...

I have always wanted a Chia Pet too.. but everyone always said that is one of theose gifts you give when you cant think of any thing really good to get them. I disagree! Maybe I'll by myself one!!

Zoey's Mommy said...

I just saw those Chia trees for the first time this year and I want one so bad! What cute pictures you have there!