Thursday, December 18, 2008

Magic Glue Ornament

Wednesday: Day 17 of our Christmas Countdown~ Another ornament

I found this activity online and I really liked it! It was really easy and it combined two of Aiden's favorite things: glitter and glue. The only thing is that it takes Forever to dry!

First, we put glitter on a Pringles lid

Then we covered the whole thing with glue

And then we added sequins and jewels

When it dries, you pop it off the lid, punch a hole in it and tie on a string. Tada!

I made this one in advance so I could show Aiden what his would look like when it was finished. You Can Not use cheap glue~ unless you want it to be pinkish like mine! In theory, the glue is supposed to dry clear and you should be able to see the glitter through it. We'll see if it works on Aiden's!


georgie said...

what a cool craft idea...Thank you so much for the birthday wishes

Meaghan said...

you guys are too smart! my little boy had long hair when he was that age, but it didn't look half that good!

Yaya said...

Wow! That's awesome!!!