Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing Ingreedient

Day 10 of our Christmas Countdown: Gingerbread Ornaments

I found a recipe for gingerbread ornaments on the Internet. I made a list and took Aiden to Wal-Mart. Item #1 on my list: Molasses. They did not have it! I had seen various other recipes before choosing the one I did and I remembered that one of them called for Mrs. Butterworths syrup. So, I got that instead. I'm not sure how that substitution is going to work. I won't find out for sure until tomorrow because the dough has to be refrigerated overnight. But I guess it doesn't really matter since Aiden had so much fun making the dough.

I gave Aiden some flour and water to play with while I was washing up the utensils (he loves pouring and stirring). Obviously, there were globs of the paste all over the table. When I went to wash the table, Aiden said, "Mommy, need to clean up the big mess she made?" I asked him, "The big mess Mommy made?" He nodded, "Right there" and pointed at a dime size drop of syrup that I had spilled. Oh my! He's a mess!

Getting started

I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture. but he did NOT want to touch the dough! He really doesn't like having dirty hands and kept asking me to get the spoon.


Kristen said...

How cute is you need to be neater next time he he
Can't wait to see how the ornaments turn out and the fun you guys will have making them

Joanna said...

LOL! Little stinkers.