Friday, December 12, 2008

They Look So Much Prettier on the Computer!

We continued making our Gingerbread Christmas ornaments yesterday. The directions said that the dough should be stiff, but when I got the dough out of the refridgerator, it was sticky. Really sticky. Our hands were coated with dough and we had to use a knife thingy to get our "cookies" off the table.

The directions called for baking the "cookies" for 20 minutes. (The burn marks on this pan are from where Matt put a muffin tin on top of it and proceeded to store it in the broiler. He said, "I didn't know the heat got down there.")

The finished product

I think I made them a little too thick. They just don't look that pretty. Definitely not something I would want to hang on the tree. (Don't worry, at least one will be there!) After they dry for the required 3 days, I am going to let Aiden paint them. The final ornaments should be interesting!

I showed Aiden a star as soon as they cooled and of course, he thought they were cookies. He put it up to his mouth immediately. I shouted, "No!!!" He jumped and threw a star across the room where it hit the wall and bounced off. They weren't kidding when they said, Do Not Eat these cookies. They are for decorative purposes only!


Kimmy said...

Just found you from Blog Stalkers. Wanted to say hello! :o)

What a fun project!

Kristen said...

Very funny...can't wait to see the finished ornaments

Tiffany said...

Process over product! Looks like you had fun!

Jenny/Moravia said...

Looks like fun. You'll have to post pics if you decorate them.