Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why do I torture myself?

For the t-shirts. I am completely obsessed with collecting race t-shirts. Seriously. If a race doesn't offer a t-shirt I won't run it. What other reason is there to get up at 6:15 on a Saturday morning and run 3.12 miles in freezing cold weather? This morning it was 18 degrees and my fingers were numb but there I was standing at the start line. My dad has been taking me to all of my recent races so Aiden doesn't have to get out in the cold and each time I tell him that this will be my last race. I continue to think that after crossing the finish line and quickly moving away from the other runners (preferably close to some bushes) where I can bend down and try not to get sick. But then I go to the awards ceremony and every once in a while I get a medal or trophy. And that's pretty fun (childish? maybe, but fun all the same!). Then when I go home, I feel good for the rest of the day knowing that I got some excercise and decide that really I LOVE running. So it makes perfect sense that I'm running another 5K with my little sister tomorrow!

Does it look like I'm having fun?


Kristy said...

You go SITSta! That's awesome! I wish I enjoyed running. lol
Have a Great Weekend!

The Blog Stalker said...

I wish I had your determination!!

I got your request to be added to the Blog Stalkers Unite, and you have been added my Bloggy Friend!!

Happy Stalking!
The Blog Stalker