Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gotta Love the City School System

We got a lot of snow for our area this week ~ 3 inches! I got up early Tuesday morning to get ready for work and school. Then I turned on the local news and saw that school had been canceled for the day! And since I work as a graduate assistant, I didn't have to work either. It brought back so many childhood memories of Snow Days!

While the college was closed, the city school only had a 2 hour delay which meant Aiden could go to preschool for 1 hour. What's the point of that?! I decided to keep him home so we could play outside in the snow.

At 10:00 my dad called and asked if there was any way that I could pick my sister, Mandy, up from school because the city school had decided to close as well. After they allowed parents to drop their children off at Educare... How crazy is that?! I think they should have a delay and stick with it or close for the entire day~ not decide to close 30 minutes before the children are supposed to show up! Aiden and I picked Mandy up from school (the roads were perfectly clear by the way!) and ended up having a really fun day.
Kenai enjoying the snowy day

Mandy and Aiden
I was all prepared to help them build a snowman but the snow was dry this time around and wouldn't pack at all! Oh, well!

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Heatherlyn said...

I can hardly believe the school would decide to let everyone it closed AFTER kids were dropped off. That is RIDICULOUS!!!! I'm glad you still had a fun day!