Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Low Key New Years Eve Party

We never do anything special for New Years Eve. Matt and I usually watch a movie or something and then turn it over to whatever channel shows the ball drop five minutes before midnight and have a glass of champagne. But this year, Matt asked me if I wanted to have some friends over. I said that would be fine. Good thing because he had already invited them!

I had planned on making a couple of snacks: some rotel cheese dip, spinach dip, and a cheese ball. Super easy stuff. But when I got up yesterday, I completely forgot that it was New Years Eve! And I am a terrible procrastinator. At 3:00, I still hadn't gone to the store to get all my ingreedients! Everything always works out though and we had everything made and the house clean 15 minutes before anyone arrived!

So the big entertainment was Guitar Hero. Seriously, look at how much fun everyone was having!

Two people are texting on their cell phones... What? That means they're bored?!?

(And yes, my Christmas tree is still up!)

It really was this much fun! I think he's just concentrating on the techniques of the game so he will be ready for his turn...

And after I spent all that time preparing snacks, NO ONE ate anything!! I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

At least some of us had fun:

I do have other shirts besides this one. Really. I just think sparkly things are appropriate for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and this is the only sparkly shirt I own... Besides these people didn't see me at Christmas.

He loved the game too. His wife, not so much... She sent us a message today that he just bought the game and she will remember that it's our fault. Forever. But once she plays she will thank us.

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Heatherlyn Colt said...

I think that you are "allowed" to have the Christmas tree up for a New Year's Eve party. I've even read of some people redecorating them with a New Year's theme (too much work for me at this point). And, yes, guitar hero can be a blast at parties. Last year, we had rock band going at our New Year's Eve party. It's a blast. (And guitar hero is surprisingly fun for something that looks like it would be so silly.) I hope the rest of your year goes as smoothly for you as your party did!