Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Those dinosaurs are real"

I took Aiden and my little sister, Mandy, to Hands On! Children's Museum today. The museum currently has a dinosaur exhibit and I wanted Aiden to see it since we've been talking about dinosaurs a lot lately. (We have a bunch of the How Do Dinosaurs... books).

When we first went into the exhibit room, Aiden clung to my legs and said, "Those dinosaurs are real, Mommy!" The dinosaurs are robotic and they move around and roar. I can definitely see how they would be scary to a small child. But once I explained to him that they weren't real (I had to touch one of them for him to believe me) he loved the exhibit and asked to go back and see them while we were visiting the rest of the museum.
The Dinosaurs:

This is the largest room in the museum and is home to the traveling exhibits. I LOVE the dinosaurs! They have a robotic dinosaur that the children can move around and make roar, a place to dig for pretend bones, two dino art tables, and an area for smaller children to uncover dinosaur eggs, read books, and work puzzles. LOVE it!

In the video, Mandy asks Aiden if he's scared and he says, "They not going to eat me." Oh my....

Noah's Ark:

In my freshman year of college, my sorority had an overnight event at the museum and my group of friends and I decided to sleep inside the ark. With all the animals staring down at us.... Hmmm... That might be why we left in the middle of the night!

The Grocery Store:

The News Room:

This area is really awesome too. The children can watch themselves on TV while they are giving the news and weather reports. Aiden yelled, "Mommy, look! Aiden on TV!"

The Abandoned Mine:

This area has a really steep slide that takes you to the bottom floor of the museum. You have to crawl through a little cave to get out. The downstairs contains a mini aquarium, snakes, iguanas, and lizards.

The Rides:

There is a video of our local landscape from a plane's view playing constantly inside the plane. Pretty cute!

Aiden LOVED the tractor! Maybe because Papaw has one. I had to pry him off!

The Bank:

A Few of Aiden's Favorite Things:

Learning about Air!

Picking a bowling ball up with a vacuum. I'm pretty sure he just likes the loud noise!

Giant Bubbles: We never did get them to work today!

"The Park"

OK there is a ton more. But I think I've gone into picture overload! It's a great place! I guess you can tell I'm pretty impressed by it! Aiden loves it and this is one of the places that I will really miss when we move. The Children's Museum in DC is under renovation and is not set to open until 2012!!


suzi said...

Wow, we love going to the Children's Museum here in Minnesota, but yours looks amazing! So much fun! :)

Kati Sue* said...

Awesome... your Children's museum is way cooler than ours... but I guess to the little ones it makes nio difference!

Kristen said...

What a great museum!
Those dinosaurs look pretty real!

I see you were able to get that 6 mile run in! Yeah!!

I gave you an award!

Heatherlyn Colt said...

What a fantastic day-trip! We once had a very similar dinosaur exibit in Boise and my then-4-year-olds were also afraid of the dinosaurs for about 15 minutes. It's too bad that there won't be a children's museum in DC for 3 years! However, the DC area has sooooo many things to see. I'm sure you'll still find a lot to do.

Mommy of M's said...

Wow, this museum looks so much fun!! M1 LOVES dinosaurs!!

Thanks for the blog award!!!

Leah said...

That place looks awesome! Wish they had something like that in Ohio! :)

Travel Writer said...

looks like Aiden had a blast!

Joelle said...

Wow I love that museum! Your son is adorable and I LOVE his name ;-)