Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just for a Smile

Aiden has been saying such funny things lately and I feel the need to preserve the memories, so I will share them with you!

Yesterday, we were driving home from my grandmother's house and Aiden was playing with a baby rattle that he had found in a box at her house. I asked him if he wanted to share that toy with the baby since he has so many big boy toys now. He said, "No. He needs to get his own toys." Uh oh! Looks like we may need to work on sharing!

It was getting dark and Aiden asked me, "Why does the moon come out and where is the sun?" I started by telling him that we live on Earth. He said, "But we're getting ready to move to Washington DC." It made me laugh but I continued my explanation even though I knew it was a little advanced for him.

Aiden and I went to my parents' house this evening. While he was playing, Aiden found my mom's dish gloves and immediately put them on. He ran into the living room and started squealing, "I'm Mickey Mouse!" I didn't get it at first, but my mom was cracking up. She said, "You know how Mickey Mouse wears those white gloves..." Oh! We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Monday. I can't believe how many details he picks up and remembers!

It really made me laugh when I searched for a Mickey Mouse picture and saw that Aiden was even doing his arms the same way!

He was so proud and excited about coming up with this idea. I just had to get it on video!


Heatherlyn said...

He's smart. I think with his parents, he was destined to be smart! That was too funny about not wanting to share! Well, he'll have several months to grow into the idea! Keep saving his cute sayings!

jen@odbt said...

He's a great Mickey Mouse. What a cutie! Thanks for the smile this morning.

Carole said...

IM MICKEY MOOOOUUUUSSSEEE!!!! LOL he is too funny. What a joy!


April said...

OMG.. I a cracking .. "but we are moving to DC".. lol

toooooo cute

~~Mel~~ said...

Such a cutie pie!!!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Oh my CUTE is he with those gloves??? What a clever little guy!

Tiffany said...

Love his toy comment!

Sheryl said...

I love your stories.

Visiting from SITS

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so cute!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I swear your little Aiden is the cutest guy on the planet, Melissa. I am glad that you are writing down/blogging about all of the funny things that he says. I try to do the same thing. Otherwise, sometimes I feel that these little gems are in one ear and out the other.


PS: Terribly sorry that it took me as long as it did to make it over to your blog. I have missed all of my usual stops since this contest madness began.