Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Birthday Party

My little sister, Mandy, just celebrated her 10th birthday. For every birthday in my family, we get birthday cakes from Another Touch Bakery, an awesome local bakery. Their cakes are absolutely fabulous and they have the Best buttercream icing. This year Mandy decided that she wanted a cookie cake instead. So Mandy got an individual cookie cake and my dad got one of the traditional birthday cakes for my mom and me!

Aiden was so excited about eating the birthday cake. He kept walking over and looking at the cake and trying to get icing. I told him that we had to wait for Mandy to open presents before we got to have cake. While we were eating dinner, Aiden kept saying, "Can Mandy open her presents now?" Everyone thought that he was just interested in seeing what kind of presents Mandy got, but I knew it was all about the cake. After all, he IS my baby!


Heatherlyn said...

He looks like his daddy but with your hair color! Happy birthday to your sister. 10 is a great age. My two oldest turned 10 last year!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!
I would have been just like Aiden...look at all that icing...YUMMY!

I'm glad Aiden's eye is looks fine in the eatting cake picture :-)

Love his hair cut

Mel said...

YUMMM! That cake looks fabulous! I'm with Aiden - can't wait to dig into that one! He is so cute, by the way! And Happy b-day to your sis!

April said...

I would have done the same thing as Aiden.. the icing is my fav too and I can never wait... lol