Saturday, March 7, 2009


The Good Cupcakes

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of cupcakes. Too much cake with not enough icing. I'm crazy about icing! But last year when my parents bought me a birthday cake at Another Touch Bakery, they saw these cupcakes that were frosted with 3 inches of butter cream icing. They bought a few of them and they were fabulous!

My dad bought a box of these cupcakes for my sister's birthday and sent over half of the box home with me. Um.. yeah. They lasted two days! I LOVE those cupcakes!

I don't think you can appreciate the icing from this picture! I should have held one up or something. Hmm... maybe I should just go buy one today so I can take a picture of all that yummy icing!

The Bad but Fun Cupcakes
Before Valentine's day, Aiden picked out a cupcake kit. With everything that happened around that time, we never got around to making them. Finally, last night when Aiden asked what we were going to do I asked if he wanted to make cupcakes.

The icing can pre-packaged and it was really runny. Unfortunately, I didn't taste it until all of the cupckaes were iced. It was Terrible! Maybe it was supposed to be sweetart flavored. But ew! Not good!

Aiden was the most excited about decorating the cupcakes with candy: sweetarts and nerds.

These are Aiden's finished cupcakes! It made me laugh because I couldn't help comparing them to the cupcakes decorated by my bloggy friend, Heatherlyn's children.

Aiden was much more interested in eating the candy than decorating with it. We all tried one of the cupcakes, but ended up tossing them. They were awful but we had a lot of fun making them!


Heatherlyn said...

OK, I'm all for buying another cupcake just so that you can take a picture of all the great frosting!

My kids love decorating cupcakes. Would you believe that they don't actually eat the cupcakes they decorate. So it's more like a craft activity than cooking. They prefer to eat the unfrosted cupcakes. Go figure. I bet Aiden had a blast!

Staci said...

I LOVE cupcakes... They are my FAVORITE! I love when they have TONS of fosting! yummy!!! It looks like Aiden enjoyed making them! :)

~~Mel~~ said... I want a cupcake and we have none! lol.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess it's about the experience, right? They do look a bit runny in the picture. LOL

April said...

OMG.. those cupcaks are AMAZING looking... UMMMMMMMMM

Kristen said...

Looks like it was fun to make. Aiden is such a good helper!
The first cupcakes do look so much tastier!

Kristin said...

LOVE cupcakes! And I love making my own icing... tastes so much yummier! Looks like your little guy had a good time decorationg those cupcakes. Did he eat them, too? My son is all about eating the icing off--he could take or leave the cake! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love those three inches of it bad my husband caught me scraping the icing, just the icing, off his birthday cake? INCHES of icing? :)

Kati said...

It is far to early to think about cupcakes.. so I mam ignoring this post!

Anyway, I get all my crafts for serenity at oriental trading.. because I am very non creative.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I see the cake and just icing ... LOL. Don't you look so cute, yup I hate you a cute PG person ... LOL