Friday, March 27, 2009


The scene: Playing outside with sidewalk chalk
Aiden: Is meat good?
Me: Yes. Eating a little bit of meat is good for you.
Aiden: Monkeys hate meat.
Me: (to myself) Where did that come from?!

The scene: It's 4:45 and we just finished an art project. When Aiden stays with my grandmother, he eats dinner at 4:30.
Aiden: Mommy, are we going to eat today?
Me: Of course!
Aiden: I need to eat now! I'm really hungry.

The Scene: Driving Aiden to my grandmother's house after preschool.
Me: Did you know that when we move to Washington D.C., Mommy will get to stay home with you every day?
Aiden: (with a HUGE smile) I like that. That will be great!
Me: We'll be able to do activities every day and go to the park and the zoo.
Aiden: That will be neat! The lions and tigers and bears and leopards might try to eat us!
Me: (to myself) Oh no, not again! I thought we were over the whole getting eaten thing!


Carole said...

LOL He is too funny! Such a smart littel man. My friend lives on embassy row and she loves it. She is a single mom raising a little girl. They have so much fun going to the National Mall and the parks and zoo's. Aiden is going to love it!!!

Cole said...

Dropping by from SITS! Boy you have one adorable little boy. :-)

Mel @ ShimmerMeBlue said...

Haha, kids sure do say the darndest things!

~~Mel~~ said...

I just love Aiden's randomness! He's got such a great personality.

Heatherlyn said...

But at least the monkeys won't eat you. They don't like meat!!! He's so cute!