Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally! A FUN weekend!

The last few weekends have been consumed by going through all of the stuff we have collected over the last three years since moving to TN from AK and getting everything situated for the movers. I took 17 bags of clothes, toys, etc. to the salvation army. Unbelievable! I didn't know we had some of that stuff! It took me a long time to get much accomplished 1) Since I'm this far in my pregnancy I need more breaks than I normally would and 2) Aiden insisted that we need to keep everything that I tried to get rid of. I don't know how many times I had to pick up and reload the giveaway bags.
The movers were supposed to pack and load all of our stuff in one day, but they got to our house so late in the day that they spent most of the following day there as well. Glad to be finished with that stressful task! It's Matt's job now to meet them and get everything semi-situated in our new apartment before Aiden and I move up there.

This weekend, I decided to do something fun with Aiden to make up for all of those other boring weekends we've been having lately. First, I took him to feed the ducks and then we went to get ice cream.

When we got back to my parents' house (we're staying with them until we officially move on August 15) and saw that the sprinkler was on. This was Aiden's first time playing in the sprinkler this summer (and I doubt he remembers it from last year) and he Loved it! He rode his big wheel through the sprinkler countless times. Then I put his swim trunks on and he stood in front of it and just let it spray him. He had so much fun!

I've been wanting to take Aiden to a movie since we won't be able to go to the theater for awhile after Holden is born. And since Sunday was a rainy day, I decided that that would be the best time to go. I took him to see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 3-D. He was not that impressed! His attention span just isn't that long yet especially with all of the previews before the movie actually starts.
He spent most of his time, hanging onto my leg and checking out the people behind us wearing "their big sunglasses inside."
He really didn't want to wear his 3D glasses (and I had to beg him to take this picture!) but once he saw what they did "Mommy! That snowflake is coming right to me!" he wore them for most of the movie. And even though he was was saying, "Let's go home now" before the movie was halfway finished, he told everyone that he saw that he got to go see Dawn of the Dinosaurs. So, I guess he had a good time!


kimert said...

Great pics! Looks like a fun weekend! :)

Mel said...

Sounds like when we took Analese to see UP in 3D. She still has zero tolerance for any suspenseful intense scenes in a movie. Dora and Diego is about as intense as she can handle right now. She has not yet grown into most Pixar stuff yet.

Rhonda said...

I hope all goes well with the move! And be sure to take advantage of some YOU time while you are with your parents!!! lol

Molly said...

Glad you got a break! My little man has the same shirt with the sharks on it...I love it!
Don't know if you have a Regal Cinemas, but they have free movies on Wed. mornings for the rest of summer. I took Cooper and it was fun!

~~Mel~~ said...

I'm so glad you got to have a fun weekend after all that work you've been busy doing!

Don't you just love how the sprinkler keeps them busy for hours on end? lol.

Toni Brooker said...

Moving can be SO stressful, so I'm glad you guys got to have such a great weekend! He looked adorable in his glasses =).