Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

It's the fourth of July and Aiden and I are getting ready to head over to my parent's house for a cook out and then it's off to the fireworks! Matt is currently training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama and we're really missing him. Aiden and I are really looking forward to July 31st when he gets back home!

We haven't done any art projects in a while so I decided we should do something festive this morning! We made did a firework project which Aiden was thrilled with because it involved glitter!

My plan had been to let Aiden pour the glue on several places on the paper and then we would blow the glow with a straw, but that didn't work so well. So we spread the glue out with the straw instead.

Than Aiden insisted on putting every color of glitter on each firework and he had to ask for more starts because a couple of his fireworks didn't have any.


kimert said...

Very cute!!!

Heatherlyn said...

Fun fireworks! I love the glitter! Happy Sunday!

Jessica said...

Cute craft!
I tagged you!

Beth said...

What a cute project! I feel a little guilty that I don't do more craft projects with my kids. But they're in daycare full time, and they do "art" every day! Still, I'm definitely missing out. I might file this away for next year.

BTW--Look me up when you get to D.C. I live in Northern Virginia (Alexandria) and work on Capitol Hill. Don't know if you'll know anyone here, but I'd be happy to answer any questions! (

Jenny/Moravia said...

I love looking at pictures of all your art projects! So much fun.