Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Trip to the Fossil Site and Nature Preserve

My grandmother's brother and his wife are visiting from Germany and she is trying to show them some of our local attractions. Today, Aiden and I went along for the ride.

Our first stop was the Fossil site. When I was little, I wanted to be a paleontologist among lots of other things. I used to get a spoon (don't ask me why that was my instrument of choice!) and dig for dinosaur bones in the garden. I did find an arrowhead once! Back in 2000, the fossil site was discovered during some construction and for some reason I never made it there even though it's less 2o minutes from our house... The museum workers have found elephant, rhino, tapir, alligator, red panda, and camel skeletons in the area. Pretty interesting for East Tennessee!

Outside the museum

Alligator and Tapir Skeletons

Aiden and Mandy searching for "fossils"

The Elephant Pit

The Rhino Pit

The Fossil Cleaning Room

Fossil Storage

After the fossil site, we went to one of the local state parks. There are tons of deer (wild and caged), wolves, bobcats, owls, and other animals native to this area. The animal habitats are spread around a lake. It's quite a bit of walking but it's really nice.
I was fascinated by the turtles of all things! I have never seen this many turtles. And they were so active! They were crawling on top of each other and carrying food into the water to eat it. I could have stayed there all day and watched them! LOL
Inside the nature center, there are displays of local animals and for some reason, a dinosaur...

As soon as Aiden saw this dinosaur hanging from the ceiling, he said, "Look, Mommy! It's a Pteranodon!" We have a book called, Beyond the Dinosaurs, Creatures of the Land and Sea by Charlotte Lewis Brown that Aiden really likes. The Pteranodon is one of the creatures in the book. I was so surprised that he remembered the name much less could identify it! Of course, he chose that to be one of the books we read before bed tonight!


Anonymous said...

That looks liek such a fun place. hailee would love to go somewhere like that. Shes really into dinosaurs to!

kimert said...

What a neat place!!! Looks like a cool day! :)

Jessica said...

That seems like such a cool place to visit!

~~Mel~~ said...

What an interesting place to visit! Aiden is such a smart kid.

Kara said...

That looks really interesting!

Heatherlyn said...

You got some really good shots of the turtles. That would have fascinated me too!

How cool is that that you actually found an arrowhead when you were a kid, with a spoon! My Mom used to swear that my brothers would take her spoons out to dig in the backyard and that is why they would all disappear!

It looks like you all had a very fun day!