Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day at the Pool

I'm really loving our new apartment! We now have two outdoor pools and an indoor pool. The best part is that we live right across the street from our favorite one. Aiden has been having a blast going swimming everyday.

Matt used to be a lifeguard (He was actually the head lifeguard when we met my freshman year of college. LOL) and he's been trying to teach Aiden how to swim. Aiden has already learned how to hold his breath and jump into the pool. He's also learned to kick his feet and paddle with his hands, but not always at the same time. We have a way to go to still, but I'm proud of him. Matt thinks it would be best to get him swim lessons because he seems to be less afraid to attempt new things with other people.
Yesterday when we were at the pool, Aiden kept wanting to get out and jump in to me. It was fine at first, but after lifting him out for the fifth time, I was getting a little tired. The lifeguard came over to us and told me to take it easy. He then tried to take Aiden from me so he could continue jumping in. But Aiden had an absolute fit! He was terrified of the lifeguard! For the next hour, he stared at the lifeguard and grabbed onto my shoulders anytime he thought he might be looking at him. Not sure how swim lessons will go...


Jessica said...

Glad your loving the new place! Caden loves to swim too!

~~Mel~~ said...

Can I come live with you? I'd love a pool like that right out my front door!