Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Kinda Normal

First, A Holden Update:
I took Holden to his two week well baby check up on Tuesday and he is doing great! Not only has he met his birth weight, he's gained 9 additional ounces. He was so good at the doctor's appointment. The doctor checked him out and said, "You're really lucky to have such an easy baby." Ha! He should just come visit us at home! Holden will not let me put him down. He nurses every hour all night long and I have had to learn to sleep sitting up because the only way he will sleep is in my arms! (And writing blog posts takes forever now since I can only type with one hand!) Luckily, I discovered babywearing... I can just put him in a wrap and he falls asleep (as long as I keep moving) and I can get a few things done.

Well, today was my first day at home by myself since my c-section. And I have a renewed respect for all of the stay at home moms out there! It's going to take me a little time to get any sort of routine down, but I wanted to get things back to semi-normal for Aiden, so we did an art project. I'm really going to try to get my themed weeks going again. This week: Polar Animals
Aiden was born in Alaska (a fact that everyone in our family loves and tells him all the time). Lately, he has been really into looking at my Alaska photo albums and he decided that he wanted to make all of the animals he saw in my pictures. First up: A moose...

And Holden is in his wrap, so we're ready to start!

First, I traced both of Aiden's feet. He was really concerned that the crayon would get on his foot and spent a few minutes inspecting them before we could move on.

Then we painted both of his hands and made handprints.

I cut out the tracings of his feet and had him paint them.

Then I cut out some ears which he painted.

I put it all together and painted the eyes. Then we let it dry.

I wanted to glue it on a piece of bright paper so it would stand out, but Aiden chose brown because "moose like to hide".

Who knew that carrying around a 2 week old baby and doing an art project with a 3 year old could be so exhausting!


kimert said...

You look great! Glad to hear Holden is well. I completely understand the all night feeding thing! I hope that improves for you. :)
I love the art project!

Jessica said...

You are looking gorgeous! No one would ever know that you are getting little to no sleep at night! :D

I love the art project! So cute!

Also, what kind of wrap are you using and where can I get one?? LOL I have a baby sling, but I am afraid to do anything while wearing it because I just know he is going to fall out and he really doesn't like it much anyway.

Staci said...

Cute project and you look FANTASTIC! Getting a routine down is hard!!! I had one, but now we have preschool, so I am trying to figure out a new one... A month in and I would have thought I'd have it down by now, but NO! lol

Mel said...

Congratulations! Holden is adorable. I was on vacation and a little out of the loop, so I missed your post announcing his birth. I have to say that I am super impressed that you are doing crafts with Aiden still so soon after your c-section and bringing home a new baby. I think it is wonderful! It is very good for Aiden that you are doing that.

Molly said...

C-section recovery is intense! Can't believe you are doing art projects already!
You are a great at home mom!

TangledEutopia said...

Baby Holden is precious! I'm gonna link your project post over to mine so I don't forget that I want to do that with Hootie, MmmKay??

Welcome to "Mommy of 2 Boys World!!" Come by sometime!
What's That Girl Saying?

moonduster said...

Great activity! Really cute!

Heatherlyn said...

What a cute art activity! I'm so glad that your baby is doing so well! Having kids does drain a lot of energy. It sort of comes back once they are all mostly in school. :) Just enjoy them! They grow up soooooo fast!

~~Mel~~ said...

That picture of you and Holden is adorable!

Great project...I bet Aiden loved it...and i'm jealous that you've been to alaska...that's one i should add to 'my list'.

TangledEutopia said...

Forgot to tell you I blogged about you!! Go See:

Jessica said...

I left you something on my blog!

Anonymous said...

adorable idea!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I love this. I'm gonna have my son make this when he studies the letter m for mouse!! so so cute