Monday, October 19, 2009

A Day With Daddy: Dinos & Jack o Lanterns

Matt had a day off from school so we decided to have a family day. We haven't been able to have one in quite some time since Matt has to study so much. We took the boys to the Smithsonian museum of natural history. I got in some exercise (6 miles of walking!) and Holden slept in his wrap the entire time. I thought Aiden would enjoy seeing the dinosaur bones, but I guess he's a little too young. He obviously doesn't understand how old they are and he kept saying, "Daddy, they have real dinosaurs in Tennessee!" (He still remembers going to the children's museum last winter when they had the robotic dinosaur display.) He loved the bug display though! It's more interactive. We still had a good day!

Once we got home and finished dinner, Matt asked Aiden if he was ready to carve the pumpkin. Of course he wanted to. Matt got Aiden to tell him how to do the eyes, nose, and teeth and then he carved it.

Aiden really wasn't interested in playing with the pumpkin goo! After putting his hand in the pumpkin once, he let Matt take over!

Aiden was really excited about "putting fire" into the pumpkin

The fun still hasn't stopped for Aiden... This morning when I went in his closet to pick out his clothes. I thought the carpet felt a little wet. Then when we were downtown, Matt got a phone call saying that the maintenance crew had to go into our apartment because the water heater had a bad leak. They have been in Aiden's room all evening and are supposed to be back tomorrow. But until then, all of his toys are in the middle of the floor and he is camped out in the living room with Holden and me. Something tells me I'm not going to get much sleep tonight!

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Heatherlyn said...

I wish we lived closer to some big museums.

My oldest son HATES pumpkin goo. Hates it! He dispises having to scoop the stuff out of his own pumpkin. He's felt that way since he was Aiden's age, at least!

Good luck with the maintenance!