Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh My... MOLD!!!

I mentioned yesterday that the maintenance crew at our apartment paid us an emergency visit because we had a leak in our water heater. Well, they came back this morning to do some more work and brought a contractor with them. After spending less than a minute in Aiden's room, the contractor came to talk to me. He told me that there was a substantial amount of mold in Aiden's closet (the door to the water heater and gas is in Aiden's closet, but it's locked and we don't have a key to open it). He said that with a new baby and a young child, we would need to move out until early next week while they tore down and replaced the walls in the closet. Wow! I went back to Aiden's room to check it out and couldn't believe it. There was mold on the wall from the floor to ceiling in that closet! Absolutely no way that much mold grew overnight and they didn't even mention that there was mold And THEN they said they would give us a furnished apartment tomorrow; it would be fine for us to stay with the mold tonight. Um... no! I packed a suitcase for the boys and me and we left for Tennessee immediately. (Matt is staying at a hotel since he can't miss school) I had been planning on visiting my parents next week so we just got here a little early.

The 8 hour car ride by myself with Aiden and Holden... At one point, I had a terrible headache, it was dark and rainy, Holden was crying, and Aiden was shouting at Holden to stop the whining... But all in all it went way better than I anticipated! We got here safely and that's all that matters!

I love our apartment. It's in a great area and it's really nice~ sooo pretty. Still, I know that there will be maintenance issues. However, we pay four times the rent that we paid in TN and I am just really disappointed in the way the management handled the situation!


Jessica said...

Oh my! I would have freaked if I found mold in my house let alone in one of my childrens rooms!

AND an 8 hour car ride ALONE with TWO kids? You are crazy woman! lol I am not even brave enough to take a four hour trip to my grandparents alone with the two boys. You are better than me my dear!

Glad you got there safely and with your sanity!

Hope they resolve your mold issue soon!

Stephanie said...

Yuck!! Hopefully it gets taken care of right away.

Wow, you're brave driving that far with them alone. Glad you got there alright, have a great visit!

Molly said...

Mold terrifies me! So glad they are fixing it for you and that you can stay with your fam.
You are brave driving all that way alone!

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