Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Alphabet Project

Since Aiden isn't going to preschool this year, I want to at least get him familiar with the letters of the alphabet. He knows several of them already since he's been playing with magnetic letters for a couple of years now! But I want him to be able to recognize each letter of the alphabet and have some idea that each one makes its own sound. We'll see how it goes...

Obviously, we started out with Aiden's favorite letter, A! To start, I cut out a lower and upper case letter A. I then had Aiden paint the letters and then put his fingerprints on them (it was supposed to be ants on grass, but didn't really turn out).

I then had Aiden paint a coffee filter to make an ant hill.

We then cut out ovals and glued them together to make ants.

Our finished letter A!


Carrie77 said...

GREAT IDEA! I love it, because Nathan knows his capital letters but not the lowercase letters. I should try this... are you going to do any other letters besides A?

~~Mel~~ said...

Where do you hang all of this fabulous art???

I think it turned out great.

Molly said...

Great job teaching him this already!