Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Tree Lighting

I really wanted to go to the National Christmas tree lighting this year, but unfortunately, we didn't win tickets. Oh well. There's always next year and the year after that and the year after that... Anyway, I thought tonight would be a good night to do our own Christmas tree!

We have an artificial tree and it's getting kinda old. Matt and I got it our first Christmas together~ 6 years ago! I put the tree up, Matt puts on the lights, and I decorate it. I have come to dread putting up that tree! Everyone I know (who doesn't buy a live tree) has one of those that comes in three parts. I have to put every little branch in the slot of my tree. I am getting a little bit better at it though. Not too many huge empty spaces this year!

Every time I see this, I feel a little overwhelmed!

Holden wasn't too excited about me putting the tree up...

He finally went to sleep without me holding him! But he was still scowling! He scowls so much that he has little wrinkles between his eyes. He really is a happy baby and smiles a lot now as long as he's being held!

Aiden was a big helper. He put the star on top of the tree again this year. And he took all of the ornaments out of their boxes and placed them all over the floor while I was cooking dinner. It was a huge mess, but at least I didn't have to open the boxes myself, right?

I also had help decorating this year.

Our tree looks a lot better in person! I'm having a difficult time getting a good picture with the lights on. I would really like to get a couple of pictures of the boys in front of the tree. I will keep trying...


Stephanie said...

It looks nice!! We had an old tree that came in 800 parts as well. It was horrible. We actually put it up this year and after a day of looking at it, decided it was just too old and bare and went out and got a real tree. All that time wasted fluffing branches. Ugh.

Mommy to a lil lady[bug] said...

I still have the tree with a hundred color coated branches. I think after Christmas this year I may buy a new one.

Jessica said...

Your tree is so pretty!

I just bought the exact same onsie that Holden has on for Cameron the other day. Super cute!