Thursday, December 17, 2009

Now That's What We Call Decorating!

We have a tradition of putting together and decorating a gingerbread house every Christmas. Technically this is only the second year of the "tradition" but Aiden IS only 3! Our gingerbread house turned out pretty good last year considering it was the first one I had ever done and that I had a 2 year old helper but still I had higher hopes for this year...

Of course I bought a gingerbread house kit and Aiden was really excited about it. In fact, when I got out of the shower, all was quiet. I knew something was up and this is what I found...

And yes, that is marker on his face...

It was pretty difficult to convince Aiden to use the candy to decorate the house instead of eating it.

I am just not talented when it comes to gingerbread houses. Decorating with icing is impossible! Um, you can probably tell!

This is what Holden does while I'm busy with Aiden:

(He has finally started to show some interest in his toys. So exciting! It has really made life easier for me!)

And this is what Aiden does when I'm busy with Holden:

(Notice the chewed gum and colorless candy decorating our house!)

He licked the candy coating off the spree type candies and then used them used them for decoration. I asked him why he put them on the house and he said, "Because you said not to eat them." True. I didn't tell him he couldn't lick them!


Heatherlyn said...

That is awesome!!! Love it!!! What a great tradition. It will become really fun as he gets older and really becomes artistic! I think your house is cute though. And frosting IS difficult to decorate with (well, at least for me).

Amanda said...

What great pictures!

I hope you and your men have a fabulous holiday!!

Carrie77 said...

Haha! That is the perfect gingerbread house and shows lots of signs that is was decorated by a 3.5 year old! heheheh!!