Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Day of Love

Lately, Aiden has been watching Nick Jr. in the mornings while I'm getting ready. All last week, they were promoting their Heart Day Par-Tay (special Valentine episodes of their cartoons). Well, yesterday Aiden was really excited about it and said to me, "Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!" So I decided to try to make today special for him.

Yesterday was our first day out of the house since the blizzards a week ago. And it was crazy out! There wasn't a single parking spot in the entire parking garage at the closest Target and it took 20 minutes to drive around and get back on the road. I guess everyone had been snowed in and needed to get their Valentines at the last minute. Aiden was talking to my sister on the phone while I was driving. He said, "We have to go to the other Target now because we ran out of candy." True, but that wasn't the only reason we were going!

Anyway... This is how I set up the table last night before I went to bed:

The book was for Holden, the heart shaped cake, lollipops, and the Kiss were for Aiden, and the rest was for Matt. I made him six love coupons (for example, redeem for a 30 minute massage) and put them inside a sweetheart box.

And I wanted to make a special breakfast. I found a recipe online that I had never tried out before for raspberry scones with a "yummy strawberry jam".

I have no idea what went wrong. I followed all of the directions perfectly. But when the recipe said to knead the dough, my "dough" was more of a liquid... So, I added more flour. A lot more flour. Unfortunately they were inedible but at least they looked pretty!

Aiden asked for peanut butter and jelly instead. PB&J for breakfast? Why not?

I'm not sure if he ate his breakfast so quickly because of the different shape or because he was excited about his "big chocolate chip".

We also made a super simple craft today. For some reason Aiden really wasn't that into it.
(Wax paper, glitter, tissue paper, heart sequins, and cupcake and heart cut outs)

For dinner I made salmon with a marinara sauce and vegetables. And we ate with candle light. Aiden thought that was pretty neat, but he was much more excited about blowing the candle out when we were finished!

And for dessert we had "Chocolate Decadence"

We ran out of time to make our Valentine cookies. We might make those tomorrow... I think I succeeded in making Valentine's Day a special day day for my boys!


Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great day!

kimert said...

What a very fun and special day! :)

KatherineAnne said...

How sweet :) It looks like you made the day very special :)


Heatherlyn said...

It's fun to make it special! You did a great job! I bet he's still loving that Hershey kiss!!!

~~Mel~~ said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Together We Save said...

So sweet!! it is wonderful you took the time to make it special.