Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow in a Box

I cannot believe how much it has been snowing lately! Last Saturday we got 4 inches of snow and then we got another 4 inches on Tuesday. And then there is the predicted blizzard this weekend... I'm crossing my fingers that we won't get as much as they're calling for, but they haven't been wrong yet. The grocery stores were insane once again. We're talking no place to park with about 10 cars circling the lot. And it's not even supposed to start snowing until tomorrow afternoon!

Anyway. Earlier this week it was way too cold for Holden to be outside and Aiden really wanted to play in the snow. So, I gathered some up from the deck and we played with Snow in a Box!

I got out the Arctic animals, a shovel, and his plastic ice pick. He played with the snow until it all melted.

Holden was interested in the snow too! After I showed him a tiny snowball, he pulled the box closer to him and reached into the box.

Yesterday, it warmed up quite a bit. It was in the mid thirties so I bundled the boys up and took them outside for an hour. This was the first wet snow that we've had and Aiden really enjoyed making snow balls. He told me that he wanted to have a snow fight. But instead of throwing snowballs at me, he would come up behind me and push the snow into my jeans... Fun times!


Kara said...

Such a great idea!

Hey, random I know, but are you on facebook? A bunch of the May moms are.

Heatherlyn said...

My little guy will wander around in our backyard for hours after it snows. It's fenced in so I don't worry about him. I'd like it to snow again at least once this year! It's magical for kids!

~~Mel~~ said...

Awww so fun! Riley has been bringing snow home from daycare (they colour it with dye) and keeping it in our freezer lol.

Carrie77 said...

LOVE the snow pics! I so want to take snow pics of my kids this year but every time it has snowed they've been sick so I couldn't take them out in it. Love the snow in the box and the ice pick and snow animals..heheh!