Saturday, March 13, 2010

"I'll Listen Next Time"

Yesterday, we had a playdate scheduled at a gymnastics place during Open Gym. Of course the organizer didn't show up and I was the only one there from the group (I'm no longer surprised). It wasn't that long ago when I would have been too shy to walk into that gym filled with moms who know each other because their children take gymnastics together. But I'm the mom now and I can't make my children miss out on fun activities because I don't feel comfortable.

So we went into the lobby of this gym and it was packed with loud, rambunctious boys just a little older than Aiden. He was thrilled. He didn't care that they seemed to know each other at all. He just joined in with their game of tag and they welcomed him.

Finally, the instructor came out and gave us the gym rules. The first rule was "No running in the gym." I pulled Aiden aside before we waked into the gym and said "Did you hear the man? He said 'No running in the gym.'" Aiden nodded. I signed him in and paid my $7. And he was off straight to the foam pit.

Unfortunately, the red eye was on my camera and Aiden can't hold still long enough for that.

And that was the last opportunity that I had to get a picture.

Less than 5 minutes later, Aiden was running around on a mat with a group of bigger boys. One of the boys grabbed Aiden by the foot and twisted it somehow. We had only been there for 15 minutes.

I didn't think that he was hurt all that badly at first, but he insisted on crawling around the gym.

I hate that he got hurt (he's still limping a little bit today). He was really disappointed because we had to leave the gym and cancel our trip to Chuck E Cheese. (He was having a pretty difficult time walking) He cried and said, "I'll listen next time."

Open gym is a bit dangerous. There are a ton of kids there and even though they are supposed to have a parent with them at all times, most of the moms were standing (or sitting) in groups talking while their children ran wild.

Aiden has asked if he can take his gymnastics classes at the "big gym" instead. This gym doesn't have the scenery that The Little Gym has, but I was really impressed with the gym itself. (And classes are 1/3 the price!) They are a more competitive facility focusing more on learning skills than playing games, but I think we will give it a try next semester.


phillip said...

He's really a good boy. I'm sure he sounds like a terror to all your readers.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Ah, poor little guy! Hope he's better soon!

Messy Mommy said...

That stinks that he got hurt! Otter got hurt at gymnastics a couple weeks ago. He jumped of the tramp and landed on his knee.

Heatherlyn said...

I've never been to an open gym before but it looks like a lot of fun for the kids. And yes, being a Mom definitely makes a person braver! It's amazing how we'll do things for our kids that we wouldn't do simply for ourselves. I hope that he feels better and heals up quickly!

jackie said...

Hi Melissa

Just wanted to let you know that I left you a little something over at my blog. Have a great weekend!

Freely Living Life said...

Awww. Hope his ankle feels better! :( Some kids are just too rough. And some parents are just not aware.