Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slugs and Slime

I recently found out about a nature center near us that offers weekly activities for preschoolers. As soon as I saw the Slugs and Slime program I knew that Aiden would love it.

This was our first program at this nature center so I had no idea what to expect. When we got there, our group of about 12 children and 8 parents was led into a classroom. Everyone sat on the floor around the instructor who showed us some different slimy creatures and explained why they were slimy. All of the children were able to hold worms, look at fish, and pet a tree frog. When the teacher asked questions, I was so surprised (and very proud) that Aiden wasn't too shy to call out the answers.

After we listened to a book about a silly slug, we went for a half mile hike in the woods to look for slimy creatures. The kids were all so excited to find big "juicy" worms under rocks and logs and took turns passing them around.

When we went back into the classroom, each child was given two cups which the instructor filled with two different types of liquid (polyvinyl alcohol and borax).

They poured both cups into a ziplock baggie, mixed the liquid together, and instantly had a bag of their own slime to take home!

Aiden loved his slime!

I loved how this nature center was set up. It is very child friendly and the staff really wants to get all of the children involved. We had a really good time, got some exercise, and learned a little bit too!

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Carrie77 said...

That is REALLY neat... I know the STL zoo offers programs, but I forgot about it till now, thanks for the idea, I may sign Nathan up for one. There is a fee of course, but some of them looked really cool the last time I looked... I really love how they made green slime! Neat!!