Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why Everyone Needs to Know How to Order a Cake

I've been struggling with how to start my blog again. Do I just write about what's going on now or do I try to recapture some of the events that took place over the last four years? I have a LOT of cute pictures... 

So I think I'm going to do a little back and forth and have some "filling in the gaps" posts every once in a while. 

This post is a little random, but was the last thing saved in my drafts when I stopped blogging.

We moved from Alaska back to our hometown in Tennessee when Aiden was two months old. So up until his fourth birthday, we had always celebrated at my parents' house and they had always bought his cake. His fourth birthday was going to be a bit different. We had moved to DC and were going to be celebrating with just our little family of 4.

So a week before his birthday, I took Aiden to Safeway and let him pick out the cake that he wanted. He chose one and I placed the order. I didn't think anything about it again until the day we picked it up. I mean really, how hard is it to order a cake?

Well... I gave the lady in the bakery my name and she went in the back to get his cake. She came out carrying this GIANT pink box. I just thought, oh my gosh! That is not what I ordered! She said, "You ordered the sheet cake?" I just nodded because in fact, I had ordered a sheet cake. I had never ordered a cake before and had no idea that I was supposed to order 1/4 a sheet cake!

The lady opened the box to let us look at it and Aiden's mouth (and probably mine too) dropped open. "It's humongous!" he said. He was ecstatic. "I bet you're going to have a really big party, aren't you?" the lady asked. He nodded and I just smiled really big and said, "Yes we are!" A big party of 4!

As the lady closed the box, I glanced at the price. $56! Maybe that's a normal price for some people to pay for their child's birthday cake, but not for us.  I just knew that Matt was going to be so mad at me.

The cake was so big that it wouldn't fit inside the back of the shopping cart. The lady suggested that I put it underneath the cart since my hands were already full with an 8 month old baby. This worked fine until we were in the parking lot and the box slid off the cart onto the pavement. I stood there for a second feeling sick and not even knowing what to do. Luckily, a man rushed over and offered to carry it to the car for me.  Once he left, I hesitantly opened the box to see what kind of damage was done. Fortunately, there was only one small imperfection.

Aiden was so excited that he couldn't stop talking about his cake. He kept saying, "I can't wait to show Daddy how big my cake is!" whereas  I was trying to think of the best way to confess my big mistake! I told Aiden, "I think you need to let me prepare Daddy for this cake before we bring it inside."

It was definitely a memorable birthday!

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